updated flickr

okay, today I updated my photos and graphics on flickr. I must say its a great way to find beautiful art and photos, Awesome stuff on there and the people seem very nice so far. Can't wait to upload more stuff as I am going through all my folders on my PC. Seems I keep moving and copying my stuff around so I end up with 6 copies of one image.
I figure I should be done in about a year, then I can start on my 5000 sent messages in my sent box, I have not counted the saved ones in the inbox yet, YIKES!
I have been twittering as well, you can check out both sites here if you like.

By the way did anyone else watch the last episode of Hell's Kitchen? I love that show and I just knew he was going to pick Christina more because she is young and more easy to mold into the person he (Gordon Ramsey) want in his kitchen.
Good show.

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