Presents- Art journal with foil technique by Lynda

here is a youtube video of my daughter doing an art journal entry with aluminium foil, pretty interesting!

art projects I am working on

here is the latest art project I am working on, its a color photo I took of my granddaughter on my back steps. I changed it into a black and white photo then cranked up the contrast. Next I am going to color it in in some areas with water color or oil and acrylics. I will post the finished project,

Funny I have about 10 projects going right now and it would be nice it I could stop starting new ones and finish some of the ones already started lol!

I am sure I am not the only one who does that!

Video of my Collage Sheets at Etsy

I finally figured out how to make a video for Youtube so I thought I would start wtih something simple like my collage sheets. Next I plan of doing one of my artwork since it is just sitting around not doing anything...

Cool Templates from Cute and Cool

Just wanted to let everyone know that I got this really great background from Cute and Cool website, if you use blogger be sure to check out her site its fantastic art backgrounds and headers I love them!!!

Etsy shop is going digital

I have decided to sell my postcard prints at full size in digital format, The reason for this is simple, people are getting very use to there computers and how to do graphics on them for their art work so waiting for snail mail to arrive with a postcard you want for a project is just wasting time, also its cheaper, do you know that most really good cards go for about 15 to 35 dollars apiece? This way for only 3 dollars people can get the postcard or other images right away, and no longer have to wait 3 to 5 days and if your like me have had items "lost" in transit.
I have so far sold a few digital items and am hoping to do more as it catches on, there are a lot of stunning images out there so I am hoping people like the idea of digital items.
On another note, our county fair is about to arrive and now it the time to enter items. I have decided to enter to pieces, my Gothic Valentine (posted below) and one I just finished called beautiful love.

Wish me luck,

Gothic Valentine

Goth Valentine
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this is my newest piece of art. I was not feeling the love on Valentines day so decided I love the idea of love but didn't want to feel bad for not having that certian someone to spend the day with. I made this peice then took one of my best friends out to lunch and we went shopping.. you can't get any better than that!
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lady with flowers

lady with flowers
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here is an image I altered in photoshop, Its a vintage postcard lady which I erased the background and then added some overlays and ta da!