Happy Valentines Day my friends!

Here is a great image of a young woman early 1920s or 30s sitting on her porch in a bathing suit.

Here is a great Vintage Shoe Ad, Circa 1910 to 1920

Vintage French Postcard

New Retro freebie

Christmas Freebie

Fashion Freebie 1919 hi res

Okay so its almost Halloween time so my freebie item of the week is a great item which I have yet to pick out, Hope you enjoy it and please pass it along!


Here is were I am going to list some vintage items that I have lying around and thought I would share with other artist who want to use them in there projects.
this image is lovely but there are too many lines in her face when printed but I thought maybe some one could use it or photoshop it. I love the look on her face.

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