Butterfly Dreams: Now Accepting Commissions! :)

Here is my daughters art, she is now ready to paint one just for you in your favorite colors! Also, it looks much better in person more vibrant!

Butterfly Dreams: Now Accepting Commissions! :)

Newest Freebies!

I have been very remiss in letting this blog go so long without an update, so sorry guys! Here are a couple of Christmas graphics I took out of a 1950 Ladies Home Journal, Enjoy!


New Rubber Stamps are Here!

Hello everybody! I wanted to share with you my new line of rubber stamps available in my Etsy shop Laughngypsy or here on ebay for international orders. This stamps are all made with deeply etched red rubber so they work great with embossing powders and any scrapbook type inks. These have cling foam added to the back so they are ready to use with your acrylic block.
Please stop by and check them out! Thanks for looking.

Collage Freebie Vintage Photograph

Collage Freebie

Vintage Photograph Young Woman wearing a white dress looking akwardly at the camera, I wonder what she is thinking about? Free to use for your collage or artwork. Image is scanned not retouched. 300 or more dpi 

Be sure to check out my other blog for a super easy yet shabby chic background tutorial here at Laugh N Gypsy: Easy Background Tutorial

Retro Gal Freebie

1950s Retro Gal 

Here is my newest Freebie, a lovely retro image I cut out of a 1950's Ladies Home Journal. Don't you just love the Red Plaid fabric? Please leave a comment as they are always appreciated.
1950s fasion free item for your altered art mixed media
1950s Retro Fashion

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Free Book Print

Lovely vintage image of Alice thinking "what a wonderful dream it had been" This book page is not retouched in any way so do what thou will with it! Enjoy and please leave me a comment.


Collage Freebie!

Butterfly Book Page Circa 1923

freebie collage butterfly
Great illustration of butterfly's fluttering around some orange flowers. Perfect for summertime! Remember, most of the images you find on my site are scanned at 300 dpi and great for printing and using as in collage. They are also unmodified from the original scan so you might want to adjust the brightness and contrast of the image first. Hope you enjoy it.

A Valentine Freebie

Here's a Valentine for all of my online Valentines out there, This card is posted exactly as scanned, no post work done at all so be my guest and enjoy! Oh and have a great Valentines Day!
vintage postcard valentine for collage
A token of love vintage postcard

Freebie Day!

Its freebie day! Today I am offering this photo I bought at an Antique shop. I love the style of her hair and if you look closely down the street you will see an old vintage car parked on the street. I was thinking how many cars are parked on this street today? I am sure its more than one lol.

Hope you enjoy this photo!
free collage image bathing beauty

Vintage Ad Early 1900's Shoes

I love these vintage ads for early 1900's fashion! Today's freebie is a Radcliffe shoe ad from and early magazine about 1910 t0 1920. I hope you enjoy it!

collage shoe ad download free

Thrusday Freebie Vintage Postcard from France

Todays freebie is a lovely French Maiden all dressed in Pink, its a vintage postcard from about 1914 or so. 

New Love Tags in my Laughngypsy Store at Etsy

I just love these new handmade tags I created for Valentines Day. You can check out my new store here at Laughngypsy

valentines day love gift tag

Happy New Years!

I am a few days late in wishing everyone a Happy New Years but better late than never I have been told lol. Here is a new freebie for you to use in your art or scrapbook. Hope you enjoy it and have a lot of fun this year creating wonderful things!

Christmas Freebie

Here is a cute little Christmas freebie. Its from a vintage greeting card. I miss Carolers, we did that as children, house by house we would go sing Christmas Carols. Ah the good ole days!

christmas freebie
Christmas Carolers Freebie