okay, hooked up with flickr and twitter

I am totally enjoying twitter, though I do not have a large group of people following me its fun to follow others and most of the time they follow back, Its pretty neat how everyday things seem somehow more exciting when someone else does it, maybe its because its not in the same town so you have to use your imagination to visualize it.
So far on flickr I have uploaded some of my photos, 3 of them are of my fathers house which burnt down in the Angora fire in South Lake Tahoe, he has rebuilt his already and is now happily redoing his yard and stuff, he still misses his big screen TV but he won't buy one until the house is fixed up by winter because he says he will just sit around watching it.
Its so hot here today that I can't even think of doing any of my craft stuff today, plus I babysit my granddaughter while her mommy works and she is a handfull at 11 months, she keeps me pretty busy!
So today I think I will just try and clean up the computer files I have full of images that are duplicated all over my hard drive lol.

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