Collage Freebie!

Butterfly Book Page Circa 1923

freebie collage butterfly
Great illustration of butterfly's fluttering around some orange flowers. Perfect for summertime! Remember, most of the images you find on my site are scanned at 300 dpi and great for printing and using as in collage. They are also unmodified from the original scan so you might want to adjust the brightness and contrast of the image first. Hope you enjoy it.

A Valentine Freebie

Here's a Valentine for all of my online Valentines out there, This card is posted exactly as scanned, no post work done at all so be my guest and enjoy! Oh and have a great Valentines Day!
vintage postcard valentine for collage
A token of love vintage postcard

Freebie Day!

Its freebie day! Today I am offering this photo I bought at an Antique shop. I love the style of her hair and if you look closely down the street you will see an old vintage car parked on the street. I was thinking how many cars are parked on this street today? I am sure its more than one lol.

Hope you enjoy this photo!
free collage image bathing beauty