I'm in a funk

Well, for some reason I am in a funk when it comes to creating anything lately. I will have to find insperation some where. Maybe I will visit a musuem or something this weekend or go to the flea market.
I am sure I will be inspired soon, anyone have any ideas from your funky times??

Halloween Tag Collage Sheet

Halloween Tag Collage Sheet
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okay, I have been a little lax in my updates here, I made these tags today using photoshop and a few graphics I made in a 3D program I have. This is a downloadable collage sheet for sale over at
I have been asked to be a part of the Etsy Supply Street Team!
This is good news indeed. Its exciting but now I really have to get the ball rolling on some of my own personal ideas for supplies.
Hope you all like it and you can purchase them at

Rock and Golden Gate Bridge SF

Rock and Golden Gate Bridge SF
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Here is one of the photos I took yesterday at San Francisco, I had such a good time, it felt so good to do a touristy thing. I have more photos uploaded to my flickr which is posted on the right hand side of this blog entry, check them out!
Now I guess its back to figuring out what to do for Halloween crafty things.
I did upload a pair of earrings to Etsy today but I could not get a good shot of them and they don't look all that hot. I will have to try again tomorrow and see if I can get a better shot.
They are very pretty though!

updated flickr

okay, today I updated my photos and graphics on flickr. I must say its a great way to find beautiful art and photos, Awesome stuff on there and the people seem very nice so far. Can't wait to upload more stuff as I am going through all my folders on my PC. Seems I keep moving and copying my stuff around so I end up with 6 copies of one image.
I figure I should be done in about a year, then I can start on my 5000 sent messages in my sent box, I have not counted the saved ones in the inbox yet, YIKES!
I have been twittering as well, you can check out both sites here if you like.

By the way did anyone else watch the last episode of Hell's Kitchen? I love that show and I just knew he was going to pick Christina more because she is young and more easy to mold into the person he (Gordon Ramsey) want in his kitchen.
Good show.

okay, hooked up with flickr and twitter

I am totally enjoying twitter, though I do not have a large group of people following me its fun to follow others and most of the time they follow back, Its pretty neat how everyday things seem somehow more exciting when someone else does it, maybe its because its not in the same town so you have to use your imagination to visualize it.
So far on flickr I have uploaded some of my photos, 3 of them are of my fathers house which burnt down in the Angora fire in South Lake Tahoe, he has rebuilt his already and is now happily redoing his yard and stuff, he still misses his big screen TV but he won't buy one until the house is fixed up by winter because he says he will just sit around watching it.
Its so hot here today that I can't even think of doing any of my craft stuff today, plus I babysit my granddaughter while her mommy works and she is a handfull at 11 months, she keeps me pretty busy!
So today I think I will just try and clean up the computer files I have full of images that are duplicated all over my hard drive lol.

todays updated etsy item

okay, here goes my second post, I am new to blogging so if anyone has any suggestions about my blog please feel free to comments and give me pointers.
I have just uploaded some images to Flicker of old postcards, vintage magazine covers and a pair of blue marbled earrings I made, I tried to have flicker added to this blog I am not sure how that will work.
Please keep checking back as I am going to figure out how to work this and then my page will be a lot more interesting, well, I hope so anyway.
check out my store at Etsy