Here is my latest freebie

its a lovely image of a couple and the child must be 1930s or so, its a vintage postcard I scanned. Enjoy!

now posting free imagages for your art

I am going to post some free images to use in your collage art or whatever medium you like. They are vintage images that I have but don't want to put in my Etsy shop so feel free to use them however you like since most of them are out of copyright. If you make something cool I would love to see it and try and share too, it makes a happy world!

New place of interest!

I found a new place to dwell here in cyber space, Pinterest. Its were a bunch of folks online "pin" an image to a board and a lot of people can see it and repin it if they like, Check it out for some great ideas on art, food, photography and so much more. I am addicted to the place!