Hand Dyed Seam Binding!

You know the economy is in the tank right now so I am always looking for ways to tighten my belt so to speak, but when you have the craft bug you know that can be a challenge! So this weekend I was taking stock of all my craft supplies and wondering "how can I make this myself?" First up is seam binding, now who doesn't love the pretty crinkly strands of brightly colored rayon! I had bought some white seam binding to try and dye it myself instead of buying it already colored. I like the dyed binding better than the straight colors since it adds more contrast and little highlights you don't get with just plain colors. So I got out my dyes and played around with them and this is what I came up with. Aren't they lovely? I especially like the red/ cranberry color, it will look great on my holiday tags this year.  So how do you all like them? Have you tried making any dyed seam binding yourself?

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